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On our vast area we breed genetically strong and beautiful animals, which meet every hunter's expectation. Your chances of hunting a trophy worth animal will be very high!

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You will be surrounded by a huge diversity of animals, including herds of Cape buffalo, Sable, Oryx, Scimitar, Arabian Oryx, Golden Wildebeest, Black Impala and so much more..



With Africa Karoo Hunting you have a unique opportunity to choose your trophy animal, type of weapon and a uniquely desired way to experience the excitement you will never forget. Our hunts are conducted in the company of a Professional Hunter and a trained tracker to ensure your safety, so that you can immerse yourself fully in the moment and let the adrenalin rush all over your body.

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After completion of your hunt, your animal will be taken to a Professional Taxidermist where it will be cast into a piece of art with your own specifications and it will give you a lifetime of memories of your hunting experience with us.

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Get a trophy, which is a piece of art.


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