Rifle/black powder rifle hunting

Africa Karoo Hunting offers you a variety of animals, terrains and hunting methods. However, rifle hunting still remains the most popular method used at hunting safaris in Africa.

rifle-hunting003Our staff will give you all information and support. The hunting party will leave before sunrise or late afternoon in a fully rigged hunting vehicle to search for suitable trophies.

When a suitable trophy is spotted, the hunting party will leave the vehicle behind and our professional hunters and trackers will guide you to the most suitable position to take a clear shot.

You are strongly recommended to pick a weapon you are completely familiar and comfortable shooting with.

Any questions you may have with regards to firearms usage, calibres, terrain, animals and so on, our professional hunting team will gladly answer all.

When you choose black powder rifle hunting, you will get a replica of historical black powder rifle to hunt with. Because of the ballistic limitation of this weapon, the hunter needs to get very close. It is a test of your hunting skills, as you must get as close as 50 metres to take a shot.

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