Bow/Cross bow hunting

Here at Africa Karoo Hunting, we can offer you a wonderful bow hunting experience at the best hunting areas that are abundant with more than 50 species of game. Due to our successful breeding conditions, your chances of having a successful hunt are very high.

The unique feature of the bow hunting experience at African Karoo Hunting allows you to hunt all kinds of our game, including the sought-after Big Five. Our experienced professional hunters and trackers will accompany you at all times to ensure your safety.

For walk and stalk bow hunting, we will use hunting vehicles to locate the animal of your choice. Once spotted, you will leave the vehicle behind and stalk until you are within a range to take the shot.

Nevertheless, you have to be familiar and proficient with bow hunting, as the shooting distance is maximum 40 metres and less and the most shots will taken at 20 metres or less.

Variety of species and unforgettable surroundings at Africa Karoo Hunting guarantee you the best and a proper hunting experience you will never forget.


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Accept our invitation to a bow hunter´s paradise.


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