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Our lodging is intended to satisfy your most demanding requirements.

Spacious apartments equipped with luxurious hunter-style furniture, great catering facilities offering international and local food and mesmerising surroundings will give you a feeling of perfection at every moment of your stay.

letaba m Letaba One
Built in the Colonial Cape Dutch style, this luxurious five-star lodge is situated in the hearth of the Private Game Reserve. The territory of Letaba includes a pool area, barbeque spot, large terrace and a beautiful garden. Sitting on the terrace and enjoying your morning coffee, you can spot three rhinos and hordes of antelopes – they are passing by almost every morning.
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alexandra m Alexandra
This top five-star lodge is located on the highest spot of the property – 901 metres above the sea level. A wide wooden-plank terrace is running around the entire lodge, there is a big pool in the middle of the terrace, where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains. Luxurious apartments feature spacious marble bathrooms with an opened wall through which, lying in the bathtub, you can rejoice in the stunning scenery of the limitless views. Lounge area is furnished with marble fireplaces and bar area. Exuberant garden and open-air barbeque facilities will give you the feeling of the utmost luxury.
alexandra_001.jpg alexandra_002.jpg
kambaku m Kambaku
Five-star tented camp is situated in a pristine valley, completely hidden from civilisation. Built on wooden platforms and furnished with all amenities, this luxurious complex will give you an unforgettable experience in the wilderness. Main lodge of Kambaku serves as a lounge with restaurant and bar. You can chill in a deep pool and enjoy the mesmerising view of the surrounding mountains.
kambaku_001.jpg kambaku_002.jpg kambaku_003.jpg
punda maria m Punda Maria
Set in a stunning scenery of the Great Reserve, this five-star lodge features barbeque and pool facilities, surrounded by Karoo garden, which blooms after each rainfall. Location of Punda Maria will enable you watch the Sable family drinking water from a little pond by the lodge, mainly at dusk and dawn.
punda_maria_001.jpg punda_maria_002.jpg punda_maria_003.jpg
elsa m Elsa
This four-star lodge is right in the middle of the lion camp and is suitable for families or group of hunters. Territory of Elsa is fenced with electrical wire to keep the lions off. Enjoy your open-air barbecue watching the velvet sunset or a hot jacuzzi to get you ready for the next day. Leave your alarm clock at home – the lion roaring will wake you up!
elsa_001.jpg elsa_002.jpg

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